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Team Tribal Stuff

About Us

We earnestly collaborate with the Artists and the Writers from the Tribal Community of our Indian society.
We help each one them broaden their horizon and realize their untapped potential.
We also assist benevolent people working for and with the Tribal Community.
We work with both sets of individuals.

Tribal Stuff Art Craft

Our History

About three years ago, our team had launched an on-line art gallery “Tribal Stuff” to market, promote and sell India’s folk tribal art forms made by talented artists. 

TS Vision

Our Vision

In our new Avatar, the “Tribal Stuff” will be focusing on the “People” gifted with the special skills. We have decided to expand our footprints and move into new areas.

Fun Facts About Tribal Community Of India


Of Indian Population Belong To Tribal Community
Is Number Of Ethnic Tribal Community In India
Of India’s Area Is Home Of Tribal Community
Crore Is The Total Tribal Population In India