Gond Painting art style, like most of the other Tribal Paintings Forms of India began as mural-paintings, an humble way to do home decor in their mud-baked houses.

As the name suggest, this style of painting originated in the houses of Gond Tribes of India. They used to paint beautiful motifs on their walls, floors, doors, ceilings, etc. To paint such amazing art-works, these gifted Gond Artists used brush made up of bamboo and the natural colours collected from their natural surrounding areas.

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If one has to go back in time, then few decades ago, in 1980s, couple of Pradhan Gond Artists, like Jangarh Singh Shayam and Narmada Gond started making names for them, as they moved away from traditional mural-paintings and started making art on papers. In their paintings, they brought into light a unique style of paintings; they used bright colours and simple forms, decorated with dots and lines. But they continued to paint the images of gods and goddesses, collection of interesting characters like birds, animals, et al taken from the folk tales, and mythical stories. Thus they laid the concrete foundation of new style of paintings, which is famously known as Gond Painting or Gond Tribal Art Forms.

As their paintings are deeply steeped into their long-established Gond’s tribal religious beliefs, most of these paintings are done during ritual and festival periods. At times, their paintings also depict the beautiful interpretation of our natural world. When we take a closer look at this style of paintings, one could notice that these are done with free hand. We could also see that these paintings are made using dots and lines; thereby these paintings give us two-dimensional effect. In addition, these paintings are known for using variety of bright colours, demarcated by beautifully done dots, lines and shades.

In conclusion, one could feel the emotions of high spirits emanating from the Gond Tribal Art Form, as these paintings show happiness overcoming the harsh realities of our mundane lives.

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